Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CGI teaching: CGI environment variables used

Environment variables

The query information passed to the program REMOTE_HOST
Request issued by the remote user host name REMOTE_ADDR
Remote users IP address request issued AUTH_TYPE
Used to determine the legality of the surveillance user setting method REMOTE_USER
The user's legal name REMOTE_IDENT
Request issued by the user CONTENT_TYPE
query information in the MIME type CONTENT_LENGTH
Data length, in order to calculate the number of byte or character HTTP_FORM
Users to request e-mail message sent HTTP_ACCEPT
client can accept the MIME type list HTTP_USER_AGENT
client to send request to access the following link device GATEWAY_INTERFACE
Server using the CGI version of SERVER_NAME
Server's host name or IP address SERVER_SOFTWARE
The Server response to client request the software name and version SERVER_PROTOCOL
Transfer of information agreements used by name or version SERVER_PORT
Server is running the port numberREQUEST_METHOD
Send request method PATH_INFO
Pass the additional path to the CGI program PATH_TRANSLATED
PATH_INFO exists in a given transmission path version SCRIPT_NAME
Program implementation of virtual pathDOCUMENT_ROOT
Network to provide the path where the file services HTTP_REFERER
Before reading the CGI program, client documents referred to URL

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