Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Qualified to teach you to do a trip report

Yesterday received the direct leadership of the phone call immediately to check the company forward leading coworkers "personal conclusion" and form their own experiences to report. He did not care, that is year-end summary of my colleagues who made the pattern, check the night before his colleagues find that the Division leadership to do a trip report, in the end they want to deepen their own personal leadership impression, and leadership in his "personal conclusion" to do the instructions, it appears that his "first resort" is worked, at least so that the leaders know him. But I from his "personal conclusion" that in fact the same time do not understand a "personal trip report" of the essentials.

Personal debriefing report is a personal and corporate leaders bridge, usually foreign companies each quarter, the year is all done, especially year-end report on his work for the marketing people and business itself is particularly important; but many enterprises in the implementation is not very good more to replace the annual and quarterly summary of the work, in fact, the two can not be the same; the most important difference is that the former is a "pledge allegiance" which, where the main report to the company's leadership to work on some of their prior representation of the situation and personal career development aspirations, and the latter to "pay a few" main, that all the data themselves, the data summarized by the work of gains and losses has been for some time and work plan for the lower part of the market. To distinguish the difference between these two we can also focusing on the different organizations reported on our annual trip.

The first is the organization of content, personal trip reports should be based on their own jobs and job responsibilities to organize the contents of our report, he is mainly transmitted to the leadership of a kind of working conditions and jobs and our state's personal information. Here generally should be in accordance with their position and status, responsible for regional, work content, time your trip report will be divided into several stages, and then by stage report on the work of sub-themes.

Followed by the debriefing report the structure of this part must be clear and understood, it can increase the leadership's attention, the specific report contents can be divided into Introduction, Review of job, job development prospects, follow-up described in four parts; preface is mainly the overall representation of their work conditions and assessment of development, it is the understanding of the current jobs, we must in this part of the concise proposal of Re taken to avoid "exclusive limelight," the market's performance all the credit themselves, must reflect the "results are in support of the leadership and the company made"; post Review is the real show their sales to the leading part, the content must be simple and precise, not only to set out the performance of their sales, but also clarity instead of wordy, so this part of the classification must learn to explain, according to class looking for sales representative to make a statement; In addition to this section should also include "the market issues and self-examination," No one is perfect, the market has absolutely no there is no question the market, our sales management also naturally there are some missing, the only way to make our trip reports seem real, but part of the set must reflect their own personal problems on the market and gradually corrected, self- improve the process; third part of the job prospects of work, mainly in the market for their review of problems and proposed solutions completely upgrading their own ideas in the positions and ideas to convey to the company you are qualified for leadership positions and even higher current posts capacity; Finally, set up some of their own goal, is to give leadership to see that this is part of the table determined, can target specific positions to present work can also be a few slogans to elaborate.

Again, choose a very appropriate name can make the finishing touch to your trip to play the role of the report, we should avoid direct use of "trip report" and "Personal Summary" or similar words, according to the writer many years of work experience, if you use "** ** personal business during the reviewed area "effect will be a little better, and can show a solid foundation of personal marketing and professional and give you another trip report with an appropriate subtitle, the effect of natural Jiubuyongti.

Finally, debriefing report in the form of debriefings is to look at leadership, so the reach of ordinary text format for the purpose of leading the formation of an impression, it is best able to form a slide presentation, this leadership more willing to look the other must with some charts showing that this would both increase the content of the impression that the leadership of the trip, another trip to avoid the lengthy wordy content.

If you master these methods, then add to the polish on the text, an excellent trip report basically on the show in front of us, if we could, where appropriate, be certain to promote the individual brands "LOGO", it could not be better - for example in the Notes section with its own motto in life, faith, and then look at the way your personal home selling (personal blog), I would like to report on this trip has become a real leader to convey to you bridge the personal brand information.

A final note, if your trip report as a personal work to review the summary of the business, he will play for your career development to promote optimization of the role, even if the leadership does not require, nor even if you do not want to see the leadership of their own to myself a "business review personal work" nature of the trip report is also to your career development of great benefit to.

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