Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Decade of embarrassing the Chinese game

China's game industry has gone through years of unconsciously distance. Decade, gold plate, leading, Teng map, yet foreign, Jinshan ...... these companies have experienced great joy, but also suffered painful setbacks, and some have disappeared in the long river of history, and some still glow with new vitality. But now we have to face the reality that is embarrassing: 70% of the Chinese game market, sales are still in the hands of foreign companies.

June 20, the earliest game in the studio - Xishan Ju usher in their 10 birthday celebration, the studio's founder, chairman Qiu Bojun Jinshan share Xishan Ju years in history, while eager to express his belief: "One of the ways the game is fun, through reasonable regulation, the game will play a positive role." sincere in his words there lie on the Chinese game industry concerns about the bottleneck .

Many of the figures already described the Chinese market in the global online gaming market the most delicious taste, size of the largest "cake." The report, China's gaming market is in a period of rapid growth and prosperity, the next few years the market growth rate of 33.8%. China's online game market in 2004 was 467.8 million U.S. dollars annual revenue is expected to shoot up in 2009 to 20 billion dollars. However, faced with this prediction, so many domestic online game companies dedicated to embarrassing is that online games have been taken for granted the one hand, the "gold mine", they have to dig to China to shoulder more responsibility of gold; and the other hand, after a decade of development, online games still seen as a "Pandora" box, a possible adverse health effects on young people, the "devil."

"Wanwusangzhi" concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of many Chinese people, many young people playing online games addiction, the fact that further sparked concerns about online games, making players in the development of online games company encountered a great number of difficult, also makes follow-up weak domestic online games. However, the fact that, by "blocking" the way online games are difficult to solve the social problems caused. In this regard, the Spring and Autumn Period tube Zhong Zhiguo example might be to learn and study.

Guan Zhong and Bao Shuya is hard to find a pair of good friends through the ages, also belong to rare talented people. However, when the death of Guan Zhong, the Duke asked him who could become his successor, the Guan Zhong was admitted "Baoshuya can not the government," because he "clearly too good and evil. Husband's good to have good, evil, evil is already rather people who deserve them? "This sentence indicates that the country one of the secrets is to forgive. For online games, people do not need this kind of attitude, how can we do?

How to evaluate online games, play the game for many years Qiu Bojun be the most qualified to speak. Qiu Bojun no denying that his three major hobbies is a program, play games and open air. Moreover, he programmed and play the game that is complementary, play games, just hard work in the short-term relaxation, and their work did not cause a bad influence. He strongly urged the community should have a more positive understanding of online games. For online games present some of the negative impact caused by, in his view, can be eliminated by a variety of regulatory means.

On the one hand, gamers and gaming companies the urgent need for the online game "rectification of names"; other hand, the government is to respond to their actions. Recently, I was informed that the national focus on purification of online games will be launched gradually. Drafted by the Ministry of Culture "game product content standard of review," this month to solicit views of the community, while the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Culture will also develop online game development and operation of mandatory industry standards. There are indications that the attitude of the Government of the online game has become increasingly clear that strong support, and strictly controlled. With such a strict policy of tolerance and no lack of Dongfeng, China's online game business limitations, and the end of the day should be embarrassed not far right?

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