Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shanghai Caohejing property CMC fast new way to communicate

Enterprise Information has always been a focus of concern. Buffeted by e-commerce, enterprise information with more opportunities, also faced with more choices. Era, basically the same as competitive strategy, the majority of property management companies have set in the property management industry Nei Ying Ruhejingzheng the Yincangxinnian, have the same Guanyuyezhu what is most needed, Ye Zhu Chongshi most of what the property management industry to provide what should be kind of product or value-added services to the consensus. But such a consensus more property management company, the more intense competition. Therefore, the fostering and creating new market space, that is an alternative mode of thinking of thinking is particularly important. As today's most cutting-edge technology, computer application and network technology innovation and speed of development attracted the attention of man. Growing recognition that innovation and development of each application will be the development of the entire computer to add new impetus to open up a new field, so that access to new capabilities or functionality, expand the application space, the addition of new content applications.

Shanghai Caohejing Property Management Committee changes to adapt to the changing market and better serve the owners chose the fixed network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing ( video conferencing systems, to speed up the park staff on a daily the efficiency of office communication, thus enhancing the sense of belonging to the owners, and enhance market competitiveness. Net dynamic unified communications platform in real-time communications, schedule management, and point to point within the enterprise, multi audio, video, text communication, while achieving the transfer of files, sharing, and thus solve the internal problems of daily communication and office. Platform multimedia video conferencing with multiple audio and video interactive features, functions and multi-Jie He meeting recording screen display, and the whiteboard, web synchronization, program sharing, speech draft synchronization, virtual print, file, etc. Duozhongkuaiyi auxiliary Fang Shi Chuan Shu, It is truly meet face to face meetings like the effect.

Network Video Conference System and dynamic instant messaging, the property management committee to resolve the Caohejing communication between the park and meeting internal needs, communicate effectively improve efficiency and enhance the management effectiveness, reduce service costs, to better service laid a good foundation for the owners, while enhancing the property management committee Caohejing core competitiveness of the market.

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